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Noavaran Bargh Aria Company is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the field of producing various types of medium and low pressure electrical panels as well as DC panels used in rail and metro lines, which started its activity in 2001 by using the engineering staff. Very experienced and specialized and also using the latest equipment in the Caspian industrial town in Qazvin province has started and now has 350 workers and three factories equipped in all industries and technical and executive fields, including oil industries And gas, petrochemical, steel and copper, cement, metro, railways, power plants, water supply and electricity are being serviced

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Head Office Address: Tehran – Hemmat Highway, Sardar Jangal, 35 meters east of Golestan, No. 140

Contact telephones: 02144481770 – 02144481771 – 02144481775

Fax: 02144430241



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