Noavaran Bargh Aria Company, while benefiting from specialized and experienced domestic forces in the field of design, consulting, construction, supply and implementation of various types of electrical switchboards, medium medium pressure substations and high pressure substations, power supply to subways and industrial and residential lines has been able to Utilizing the latest technical knowledge of the world to obtain official representation and technical knowledge and license from reputable international companies such as ABB, Hyundai, AREVA, ENTEC and SEA and while improving its technical knowledge, has been able to improve the quality of its products based on Upgrade the latest global standards

The company also uses the most advanced machines in the world and utilizing the power and technical knowledge in the field of producing a variety of medium and low pressure electrical panels and DC SWITCHEAR to perform a complete type test of its localized products in reputable international laboratories. Like CESI Italy and KEMA Netherlands, it has always tried to raise the quality level of its products to the highest level of international standards and by using its testing equipment and trained staff of the quality control unit to control all stages of product production from the purchase stage. Raw materials must be accurately and continuously tested and controlled until the final production and delivery to the customer, based on the written rules of professional principles, in order to be able to guarantee and ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality

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Head Office Address: Tehran – Hemmat Highway, Sardar Jangal, 35 meters east of Golestan, No. 140

Contact telephones: 02144481770 – 02144481771 – 02144481775

Fax: 02144430241


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